Pension Plan Solutions
Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner
Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner

For the best tax-advantaged retirement supplement plans in today's volatile market, you only need to call one company: Pension Plan Solutions

Pension Plan Solutions uses strategic concepts with IRS-approved plans for businessowners and individuals looking for the better alternative to a 401(k) plan or to traditional IRAs. 

When properly structured, these plans allow you tax-free accumulation, tax-free income during your retirement, and tax-free transfer of benefits to your family. 

These plans are liquid, safe (insured), and provide a conservative rate of return, while protecting your business and your family from life's uncertainties.

                Are You Ready For Retirement?

Most Americans spend weeks or even months preparing for a vacation that will last an average of 1-2 weeks. Yet, these very same people won't sit down for ONE HOUR, to read their annual Social Security Statement, or to plan & prepare for the longest vacation of their lives; the 30-Year Vacation: their Retirement.    

The Federal Government states that we as individuals must do more to prepare ourselves when it comes to retirement planning. The average American approaching retirement is holding less than $25,000 in savings.  

Because Social Security Benefits may be reduced by up to 25% by the year 2033, the IRS is allowing individuals and business owners to use certain sections of the tax code to allow for tax-free growth, and tax-free income at retirement, above and beyond what qualified plans can do.

It's like having a Super Roth, except $6,000 isn't the max.

We will review the following strategies with you:

- Life Insurance Taxation (how TEFRA, DEFRA & TAMRA works for you);

- How IUL (Index Universal Life) contracts work (Comparison-The Market vs The IUL);

- Paying less taxes today vs paying more taxes later;

- IRC Section 162 Executive Bonus Plans and Buy-Sell Agreements for business partners;

- The benefits of owning an IUL plan (it's like owning a Super Roth IRA, only safer, and better)


                         Now offering Covered California health insurance plans. Call us for more info.



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               Confidentiality laws apply. Individuals must qualify for these plans, per insurance company standards.
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